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    步陶陶砖从选材、研发、制造、销售各环节,每一步坚定而踏实。团队各司其职,将“文不按古,匠心独妙”作为创意的不二法门,赋予烧结砖更多对古今、人文的思考,造一匹砖,更是缔造一个绿色环保的开始。 现有专业技师及技术工人200余人,具有丰富的陶瓷生产经验。同时公司聘请行业内专家,不断引进先进技术和人才,提高自身技术力量,提高产品品质;推陈出新,结合市场和客户的要求不断研发新产品。

    Hua Rong Tao brick from the selection, research and development, manufacturing, sales of all links, each step is firm and steadfast. Team to carry out their duties, "the according to the ancient, Jiangxindumiao" as the Holy Grail of creative, giving sintered brick more of ancient and modern, humanistic thinking, a piece of brick making is to create a green environmental protection.Existing professional technicians and skilled workers more than 200 people, with rich experience in ceramic production. At the same time, the company hired industry experts, and constantly introduce advanced technology and talents, improve their technical strength, improve product quality; innovation, combined with market and customer requirements continue to develop new products.


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